Terre di spezierie Ceramiche di Montelupo per Santa Maria Nuova e le farmacie storiche della Toscana

21 June 2024-6 January 2025

Museo della Ceramica di Montelupo and Ospedale di Santa Maria Nuova, diffuse exhibition

The role of the manufactory of Montelupo Fiorentino for the hospital, private and convent apothecaries'shops in Tuscany is portrayed through a diffuse exhibition, which has its pivotal centres in the Museo della Ceramica di Montelupo and the Ospedale di Santa Maria Nuova in Florence.

The pottery displayed attests to centuries of commission and collaboration linking manufacturers in Montelupo to the busiest healthcare facilities in Tuscany. In fact, since the early decades of the 15th century until the end of the 17th, master potters from Montelupo have produced containers for storing medicine for the oldest, most renowned apothecary shops in Tuscany, be they attached to hospitals or convents or privately owned.

Curated by Lorenza Camin in collaboration with Alessio Ferrari and Vittoria Nassi, the exhibition will follow a regional itinerary, visiting the most significant museums and places of this historical and civil testimony in Tuscany, including the Museo di San Marco, the Museo Galileo, the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica of Santa Maria Novella, the Antica Spezieria of the Serristori Hospital in Figline Valdarno, the Aboca Museum in Sansepolcro and the Spezieria di Santa Fina in San Gimignano.


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