Museo Galileo app

Free guide to Museo Galileo for smartphones and tablets

Use the app to explore the entire Museo Galileo collection on your own device.

  • Descriptions of all objects on display
  • Over 4 hours of videos showing how scientific instruments work and explaining the historical context in which they were designed and used.
  • 1.5 hours of audio commentaries.
  • 700 “in depth” pages of biographies and definitions of technical terms.
  • Texts in Italian and in English

The app highlights a selection of about 80 instruments of special interest, but you can view the complete collection at any time.

To listen to the audio content you will need earbuds, on sale at the ticket office for €0.50. However, earbuds are not needed to view the text pages.

The app requires an Internet connection. Free WiFi is available in the Museum.

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In order to prepare for your visit, you can download the PDF mini guide containing a short introduction to the 18 halls of the Museo Galileo.

The Museo Galileo's mini guide is available in the following languages:

中国 Chinese
english English
français French
deutsch German
italiano Italian
日本の Japanese
português Portuguese
русский Russian
español Spanish